Deciding to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy was not an easy decision to make. It’s a decision that comes with a lot of stress. Stressing about the unknown…. With that said, I am SO glad that I chose Atty. Balbus (Andy) to represent me. Throughout the entire process, he was absolutely amazing. Let me elaborate. The minute I met Atty. Balbus, I knew that I made the right decision in choosing him. He was upbeat and kind with superb expertise which put me at ease. At the consultation, he thoroughly explained step by step the processes, timeline, costs and what to expect.

When the Bankruptcy process began, my anxiety started to set in but quickly ceased because without hesitation, Atty. Balbus once again took the time to listen to my concerns, questions and guided me each and every step of the way.

At the meeting of creditors, as I sat in the meeting room viewing other cases before mine, I noticed how the Attorneys were very cold, with a “let’s hurry this up” demeanor. Then I looked over at MY Atty. (Atty. Balbus) and thought “I am so SO grateful to have an Atty. who showed me and continues to show a genuine concern for his clients.”

One of the biggest benefits I have come to realize fairly quickly is how quickly my credit score was restored. I’d say a few months. Initially, I thought the total opposite. I thought that I was doomed however, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fresh start is truly that, a fresh start. It has given me a sense of renewed stability that I hadn’t had in a very long time. With that said, I would highly HIGHLY recommend Atty. Balbus to anyone thinking about filing Bankruptcy because he is professional, patient, kind and is a man who truly cares for the people he helps.