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What Clients Say About Andrew

When I first met with Andrew Balbus, I was hesitant, uninformed and skeptical. Andrew’s professionalism and ability to clearly explain the demands and expectations of the bankruptcy process were precise. Andrew made my experience easy and painless. I have the utmost respect for Andrew Balbus and highly recommend his service to anyone contemplating entering the bankruptcy process.

I want to say thank you for your Professionalism in this matter and your kindness. Even though I’m broke, I feel like I hit the jackpot with you representing me.

I say this because I made a horrible mistake with my credit cards and loans (living beyond my means), and I didn’t know what to do, the stress that I brought on to myself was unbearable.

When I came into your office, I was so nervous, but that all changed when we met. You made everything very clear and made me feel so confident that all would work out.

I made a promise to myself to move forward with my life and to fix everything else that is broken.

You sir, are a pretty wonderful human being, dont ever change and again, thank you so much.

Bankruptcy! What a daunting process!

Overwhelmed and felt like I  was going to be unable to get through the entire process. Fearful I would inadvertently miss something the courts required I contacted Andrew and had my first informal meeting with him.  He took his time explained the process and assured me he would help guide me through the process as expeditiously as possible.

Once I hired him, I was given a “straight forward and extensive” survey to fill out which helped me to organize my data and consolidate all the information necessary to satisfy the court.  Due to Attorney Balbus’ attention to detail and thoroughness this was a huge relief and took a lot of pressure off me allowing me to concentrate on my health and regaining some semblance of normalcy.  I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew to anyone going through Bankruptcy.  Given all the years of experience Andrew has with this, he can give excellent help, regardless of how unique your personal issue happens to be!!!

To say that Attorney Balbus is a life-saver is an absolute understatement. At the beginning of 2018 I found myself at my wit’s end drowning in debt and threatened with lawsuits by credit card companies feeling lost and helpless. My world as I knew it was ending. Many positive reviews sent me to Attorney Balbus and I was quickly given an appointment to meet with him. At our first meeting, I walked into his office scared, embarrassed and ashamed of myself but Attorney Balbus quickly made me feel at ease and I walked out of his office feeling like there was hope and that all was not lost. I gathered all of the information that was asked for and had my discharge meeting in April of 2018 (3 months after our first meeting). By June of 2018, my case was discharged and thankfully, I was able to keep my home and finally feel some financial relief from the credit cards. To my surprise, almost immediately, I began to receive credit card offers again and my credit score has begun to rise. If you are facing a situation where you feel like your debts are drowning you and you don’t know what to do, please, please contact Attorney Balbus. He is not only a true professional and knows the ins and outs of bankruptcy law like you would not believe, but he is a kind human being and will make you feel comfortable and give you hope too. And he’s funny which is the icing on the proverbial cake!

Having to file for bankruptcy is never a proud moment. You’re dreading what you have to do and really don’t know where to turn, or who to trust. After reading an enormous amount of reviews, I was lucky enough to find Andrew Balbus Law Firm. After meeting Andrew Balbus and seeing how easy he was to talk to and how informative he was explaining the entire process, I went with him. He has been extremely supportive and patient with all of my questions. His guidance and communication throughout have been stellar. While I’m toward the end of this process and thrilled to close this chapter, I have already seen improvements in my credit which have definitely gone up.

This process is tough enough on a person emotionally. Simplify things by choosing an attorney who is skilled, supportive, incredibly informative and patient. Choose Andrew Balbus Law Firm and know you will be in good hands.

Recently I came to a time in my life of financial struggle. I had to have knee replacement surgery, I could not work, my wife lost her job and everything seemed to go against us. I was barely making my mortgage and car payments, I had to use my credit cards to buy everything from paying my electric bill to buying food. I was sinking fast and I was told that the only thing to do was file for bankruptcy!

I was very nervous just hearing that word, bankruptcy, I researched how to go about this and realized the smartest thing to do was to hire an attorney. Even though I was stone cold broke, I knew this was the only way.

I found 4 different bankruptcy attorneys and after meeting and speaking with these 4 gentlemen, I was totally convinced that I needed Mr. Balbus to represent me because this man made me feel so at ease, he convinced me that I should not worry, he told me that everything was going to be alright. I had to have him, he wants to help, he is very sincere to my difficult situation.

Mr. Balbus always answered my emails right away, he always returned my phone calls, he was always there to reassure me and he still is. He gave me my “to do list”, my homework assignment, and he was always on hand to answer all of my questions and believe me, I had a lot.

When it was time to go to the hearing, he called to make sure that I was ready, he sent me directions on how to get there, he even suggested what I should wear along with directing me to the perfect place to park my car a couple of blocks from the building.

Mr. Balbus is a true master of his profession and a gentleman. I will always recommend the Balbus Law Firm with Mr. Balbus to anyone faced with bankruptcy.

If you’re reading this testimonial there really is only one reason: You are experiencing significant financial difficulties and find yourself facing some tough decisions. You’re worried. OK, you’re REALLY worried about your family’s financial future. You’ve heard horror stories about 10 years of bad luck and losing everything you own-including your dignity. There are attorneys who say they have your best interests at heart, but they really just want to take advantage of you and your dire situation. Well, take a deep breath and relax, because you have found the chosen one. Not only is Attorney Andrew Balbus a genuinely nice guy, he is incredibly smart and extremely well-versed in all aspects of bankruptcy law.

I faced well over a half million dollars of debt that included a house that was so far underwater Jacques Cousteau couldn’t find me. Andy took the time to explain what needed to be done, how to get it done, and literally held my hand and walked me through the entire process from start to finish. He took a life-changing event and made it just another day; a day that gave my family and myself our lives back and the freedom to move forward without worry.

A year after my bankruptcy was discharged, I found myself with serious questions regarding my bankruptcy and how it impacted a foreclosure. Andy answered these questions promptly, accurately, and without hesitation. I cannot think of a time when I had such a wealth of knowledge available to me at a moment’s notice. You simply cannot find someone like Attorney Andrew Balbus in this day and age. So please, look no further-you’ll be in good hands. Good luck!

Bankruptcy is not the end and Mr. Balbus helped me see that!! He walked me through each step of the way and always kept me up to speed with everything. I definitely would recommend Mr. Balbus to friends and family, at the least. More likely I’d drive them to their appointment to say hello and get some of those chocolates!! Mr. Balbus, thanks again for the laughs, the comforting perspective and the fresh start to the monetary side of life. Many blessings to you and yours

The first time we contacted we spoke directly to the Attorney, Andrew Balbus, we did not have to leave a message or speak with a secretary. This first impression left a lasting and well-deserved acknowledgment of how exceptional The Balbus Law Firm is and was throughout our entire bankruptcy process. It was an absolute pleasure working with Andrew Balbus during our bankruptcy case. Andrew Balbus was always available to answer our questions and concerns, whether we contacted him by phone or email; we always got an answer. Andrew Balbus is extremely professional, knowledgeable, honest and caring. We highly recommend Andrew Balbus.

Attorney Balbus has that rare combination of extensive knowledge of bankruptcy law, awareness of how the process works, and devotion to get the best result for his clients. My wife and I went to him with an unusual situation where we weren’t sure whether we would qualify for Chapter 7 relief. With Attorney Balbus’ help we got the relief we needed, have almost finished the Bankruptcy process and are getting started to repair our credit. I’m sorry I waited as long as I did. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone with credit problems.