IMPORTANT NOTICE: The following testimonials are merely examples of experiences of past clients and should not be read to promise or guarantee any particular or similar outcome in any other case.

What Clients Say About Andrew

I highly recommend Andrew Balbus.  He works efficiently and professionally. I especially like that he answers questions very promptly.  Attorney Balbus is very thorough. You can feel confident that he will dot every I and cross every T.

I am so grateful for your dedication and integrity.  You are truly one of the best!!  Your legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations.  If it wasn’t for your prepping me and being so clear and precise concerning all of the questions I had about the bankruptcy process, I would have been a total wreck!

I can’t thank you enough for your legal advice, time as well as the efforts you made to help me feel less nervous and less embarrassed about filing bankruptcy.

Deciding to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy was not an easy decision to make. It’s a decision that comes with a lot of stress. Stressing about the unknown…. With that said, I am SO glad that I chose Atty. Balbus (Andy) to represent me. Throughout the entire process, he was absolutely amazing. Let me elaborate. The minute I met Atty. Balbus, I knew that I made the right decision in choosing him. He was upbeat and kind with superb expertise which put me at ease. At the consultation, he thoroughly explained step by step the processes, timeline, costs and what to expect.

When the Bankruptcy process began, my anxiety started to set in but quickly ceased because without hesitation, Atty. Balbus once again took the time to listen to my concerns, questions and guided me each and every step of the way.

At the meeting of creditors, as I sat in the meeting room viewing other cases before mine, I noticed how the Attorneys were very cold, with a “let’s hurry this up” demeanor. Then I looked over at MY Atty. (Atty. Balbus) and thought “I am so SO grateful to have an Atty. who showed me and continues to show a genuine concern for his clients.”

One of the biggest benefits I have come to realize fairly quickly is how quickly my credit score was restored. I’d say a few months. Initially, I thought the total opposite. I thought that I was doomed however, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fresh start is truly that, a fresh start. It has given me a sense of renewed stability that I hadn’t had in a very long time. With that said, I would highly HIGHLY recommend Atty. Balbus to anyone thinking about filing Bankruptcy because he is professional, patient, kind and is a man who truly cares for the people he helps.

When I initially considered bankruptcy I was very nervous and thought that claiming bankruptcy would destroy my credit forever. Mr. Balbus eased my fears, talked me through the entire process and explained how claiming bankruptcy would affect me. He was patient with me, answered all of my questions and was extremely friendly and professional throughout the entire process.

After claiming bankruptcy, I have seen an increase in my credit score, received numerous credit opportunities and am in a much better place than before I filed. This was the best decision I made! Thank you to Mr. Balbus for all of his help!!

Attorney Andrew Balbus made our Bankruptcy process seamless!

After working with a few attorneys that were money hungry and unknowledgeable, we became discouraged and decided to be our own attorney…MISTAKE!!!!

After filing numerous petitions on our own and going around in circles, we found Attorney Balbus.  He was literally a godsend…Attorney Balbus is very knowledgeable, professional, courteous and a bit of a comedian J Ha…Seriously with his guidance we made it through the bankruptcy process, and have been able to resume a normal way of living.  Our credit scores have rebounded very quickly and I never want to go back!  I would highly recommend Attorney Balbus for anyone who is thinking about filing Bankruptcy.

I put off filing bankruptcy for one reason only: pride.  For years prior, this woman was so proud that I had my own business and was making a decent living.  A series of tumultuous events threw my life into a tailspin.   First, my main supplier went out of business and then I had major surgery for cancer.  This isn’t the place for me to detail the struggles I went through prior to deciding on bankruptcy, but I do want to stress that I kept putting it off for that one reason: pride.

I shopped around a little for the right lawyer, talked with a few on the phone and did lots of research on-line by reading web pages and reviews.  The cost was one issue for me, but the biggest issue was finding someone I felt I could trust that would stay with me during the whole process (filing the proper papers with the court and attending any court proceedings with me).  Andy turned out to be that guy!

Immediately when I met Andy I knew he was going to get me through what I envisioned as a major ordeal.  Well, in truth, he made it quite simple.  He has a package that he prepared, a rather lengthy questionnaire, for clients to fill in the blanks at their own pace.  I don’t think he leaves anything out in terms a person’s personal financial situation.  Also, it’s not like he handed me the packet and said, “Go home and fill this out and don’t contact me again until you do”.  No.  Andy was available by email practically 24/7 and very prompt at responding to questions I came up with while filling out his questionnaire.  He was also detailed and patient making sure I understood his answers.

When the final phase came after filling the papers and it was time to appear in court, Andy was right there with me.  One of the things he did to help me prepare for that meeting was go through somewhat of a skit with me beforehand covering things the judge might ask so that I wouldn’t be surprised by any questions.  Again, Andy’s experience, expertise and preparedness made the court appearing quite easy for me.

So now that it’s all over and a good 6 months behind me, I am still kicking myself for not filing bankruptcy sooner.  Certainly if I knew that there was an Andrew Balbus out there who could make me feel so comfortable about it, I would have!  The relief I feel is absolutely amazing!  Not only has that happened, within weeks I started getting credit card offers (non-secured offers).   I also have received car financing offers specifically designed for people who have filed bankruptcy.

I’m so pleased with Andy’s service.  With his help, my life has changed so much for the better.  He’s worth every penny of his fee and trust me, he earns it!

My husband and I am were struggling and drowning in debt for over 19 years with major credit card bills, along with our everyday expenses in order to live and we could not get above water no matter how hard we tried.  We were only making the minimum amount due on each credit card every month because we did not have the funds to pay more than the minimum amount required each month.

We had maxed out all of our credit cards and lines of credit and were under so much stress.  We struggled and tried to juggle money every month to pay our credit card bills along with our regular house expenses.  Then one night my husband suggested, why don’t we file for bankruptcy and I was very hesitant..  I did not like the suggestion at first and thought it would be a very bad move for us.  I figured it would ruin our credit score and credit forever.  Then I finally said okay.

We didn’t know where to start, so I googled bankruptcy attorneys in the area that we lived in and I came across Mr. Andrew Balbus.  We met with him and told him our debt situation and he advised us to file for bankruptcy.  That was the best decision he suggested to me and my husband.  Mr. Balbus had tremendously helped my husband and I and we finally got out of our debt and saw the world in a much better place.  It was so nice not having to get monthly credit card bills in the mail anymore.  The big time stress of being in debt was dissolved and finally gone.  Mr. Balbus is an excellent attorney who is very, very thorough, helpful, and was always there for us when we needed him and he answered all of our questions and concerns always.  He knows his law practice extremely well.  Mr. Balbus told us that there is life after bankruptcy and that we would eventually be able to restore our credit scores.

I would highly recommend anyone who is in a similar situation to what my husband and I were in to file for bankruptcy and seek the services of Mr. Balbus.  Believe me, you will not be disappointed or cannot make a wrong decision in seeking his services.  We will always remain very grateful to Mr. Balbus and my husband and I have a fresh new start to make a better future for ourselves and try to save up money for the rest of our future.  Thank you again Mr. Balbus!

Before someone recommended I go see Andrew Balbus to help with bankruptcy I was a nervous wreak🥶      I felt like a failure      I was afraid to answer phone       I was afraid police were going to show up at my house                Many sleepless nights 🥶

Pleasant surprise Andrew will help you feel comfortable no judging. I am so glad I went to see him,do your self a favor you will be so happy you did.      No more sleepless nights, and life getting back on track 😁                  Thank you 😊

Andrew Balbus THE BEST👍

When I first met with Andrew Balbus, I was hesitant, uninformed and skeptical. Andrew’s professionalism and ability to clearly explain the demands and expectations of the bankruptcy process were precise. Andrew made my experience easy and painless. I have the utmost respect for Andrew Balbus and highly recommend his service to anyone contemplating entering the bankruptcy process.

I want to say thank you for your Professionalism in this matter and your kindness. Even though I’m broke, I feel like I hit the jackpot with you representing me.

I say this because I made a horrible mistake with my credit cards and loans (living beyond my means), and I didn’t know what to do, the stress that I brought on to myself was unbearable.

When I came into your office, I was so nervous, but that all changed when we met. You made everything very clear and made me feel so confident that all would work out.

I made a promise to myself to move forward with my life and to fix everything else that is broken.

You sir, are a pretty wonderful human being, dont ever change and again, thank you so much.