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What Clients Say About Andrew

Twice Attorney Balbus shepherded my husband, an attorney, and me an office worker, through the process of determining how to remedy what seemed to be an untenable debt situation brought on by an unsuccessful self-employment venture and catastrophic health care costs. Feeling as though we would never get beyond working to pay debt service, falling behind in our taxes and saving nothing towards our retirement while earning 6 figures we sought guidance from Attorney Balbus. He assured us that looking to get a fresh start was not something to be mortified about. We presented him with the particulars of our seemingly hopeless situation and he quickly and expertly ran several scenarios by us. At first we were reluctant to take the plunge into BANKRUPTCY. Three years later we had not made any progress digging ourselves out of the hole and realized we had to heed Attorney Balbus’ advice. We wish we had acted sooner and had the relief we enjoy now.

He studiously reviewed our circumstances and made his carefully considered plan to get us a fresh start. During the daunting information gathering process Attorney Balbus supplied clear, organized step by step instructions. He reviewed all submissions and requested clarifications and additional information in a timely fashion. It is a small office which ensures your information is kept in confidence.

There were no surprises. We were well prepared for our meeting with the Trustee so we could concentrate on the questions and not be nervous or blindsided by a question we were unprepared to answer. Contact and follow up with the Trustee was carefully and quickly dealt with while keeping us in the loop. Some out of the ordinary and complex situations were assessed and distilled expertly by Attorney Balbus and then relayed to the Trustee. Attorney Balbus is the epitome of professionalism in all his dealing on our behalf.

We have our discharge and are starting over. Our only debt is a debt of gratitude we owe Attorney Balbus.

Thank you for making a difficult situation easier with your sense of humor and empathy.

Andrew made what was a very embarrassing, difficult and overwhelming situation to us, an easy and non-judgemental process from the first day we met him. He made us comfortable from the beginning and answered all of our questions and calmed our fears with confidence, ease and a bit of humor which helped tremendously. He was always quick to respond with any questions we had and guided us through the process with his extensive legal expertise and compassion. We have since been on a great path to financial success and have even seen our credit rating improve tremendously. We highly recommend him.

I want to thank you so much for all of your hard work and precious time spent defending and presenting my case. It was truly a pleasure to have you as our Attorney. God Bless and remain a great guy.

I highly recommend Attorney Balbus. He helped me realize bankruptcy was not the end of the world but a chance for a new beginning. He answered my questions fully. He understands the ins and outs bankruptcy and can explain it in ways that are easy to understand. He will tell you like it is and make sure you are prepared for every aspect of your bankruptcy, including the bankruptcy hearing. For me, the moment that I realized how exceptionally fortunate, as opposed to merely fortunate, I was to have hired Attorney Balbus occurred at the bankruptcy hearing. I sat with Attorney Balbus as we waited to be called forward to make my case to the bankrutpcy Trustee. Long before this day Attorney Balbus had given me a check list of everything I had to do from answering questions to getting documents and information, all of which he had gone through with me. So I am watching others come forward and get questioned by the Trustee for their hearings. I was so surprised to see that these people, with attorneys at their side, were not prepared, did not have documents or documentation that the Trustee required, and the Trustee in some instances said they had to come back only because the did not have what they were supposed to. I remember one attorney sort of looked down at his papers while the trustee spoke at length of the many things that should have been done by or prepared for that day, but were not. Some people were asked questions for information that they had clearly never thought about; in my mind it looked like the attorney had failed to prepare them and make sure they had done the steps I had taken thanks to Attorney Balbus’ instructions. My heart went out to these people. During my hearing, it became apparent to me that that Attorney Balbus had made sure that I had gotten all the documents and information needed, that he had organized and presented the information in the best way, that he had made sure I could be knowledgeable about the information related to my case so I could answer questions (he did help me when I forgot something) and that the Trustee had what she needed to decide my case. I walked out of that room relieved the hearing was over (and I did not have to go back) and so grateful that Attorney Balbus was my lawyer. I remain grateful. Don’t take chances with your bankruptcy. You will want Attorney Balbus by your side so you can have the best outcome possible and the least stressful experience possible.

Mr. Balbus took a scary situation and reduced the stress incurred with the thought of bankruptcy. He has a great sense of humor which also helps the situation. The process was easy to understand and the tasks that we had to perform were things we could complete easily. Andy is excellent at his job. If you do everything he tells you it will go smoothly. You will get a new start.

Both of us have already obtained new credit cards and we continue to get new offers daily. Thanks Andy for getting our lives restarted.

Did we mention he looks like George Clooney!

Thanks Andy for everything. You are amazing!

[We] wanted to give you a great big thanks for assisting us and preparing us for bankruptcy. That is a strange thing to say but we knew there was no other way out for us. Now thanks to you, we are debt free and it feels absolutely wonderful. We don’t have to worry about another credit card payment again! All that debt was so stressful and upsetting and. We were under constant pressure. Now our lives are so much better! We don’t have that great big debt. We love this new journey we are on. It is so nice not to have debt. We can live like others and we learned a lot for sure. We are even starting to save money for our future which is fantastic! We are budgeting much better too! We cannot thank you enough again for your help and support and for also representing us! We chose the best lawyer ever! You were terrific Mr. Balbus. You answered all of our questions (we know we were annoying at times) but you prepared us so greatly for the biggest challenge we had to face and we came out with flying colors thanks to you. We would definitely recommend you to anyone who needs help. Thank you again, Mr. Balbus. We really appreciate everything you did for us. Stay well!

One of the worst days of my life was walking into the Balbus Law Firm to find out more about bankruptcy. One of the best days I had was that same day after meeting Mr. Balbus. While nobody plans to go bankrupt, and with the rest of your life so up in the air, Mr. Balbus provides sound advice, a confident outlook and even some decent jokes along the way. I have not had many positive experiences with attorneys, and with so much unknown at the start of this process, I was very concerned. Should you need a bankruptcy lawyer, Mr. Balbus is one you can trust, will guide you capably and honestly, will stay in touch (even during many late evenings or weekends) and can explain things to you in easy to understand and friendly style. I thank you very much Mr. Balbus for your great expertise and knowledge.

I was extremely nervous, confused and rather ashamed when I realized that my personal financial situation had become unsustainable.

I had no real understanding of the personal bankruptcy process and how all the laws and procedures would affect the rest of my life.

Andrew Balbus took all the time that was required to understand and appreciate my personal situation. He provided me with a highly detailed explanation of all the options available and he gave me his professional advise in a manner that I could completely understand and appreciate.

Andrew Balbus provided me with comprehensive legal representation throughout the entire personal bankruptcy process. He carefully walked me through everything involved and assisted me in preparing to recover from bankruptcy and go on with my life.

Andrew Balbus is a consummate professional and a true expert in effectively managing all the issues involved in a bankruptcy.

Moreover, he provides his clients with a very human and kind understanding of how fearful and confused many are in facing one of the most difficult decisions they may ever have to make.

I honestly feel very fortunate to have been represented by Mr. Balbus and therefore, I can give no higher recommendation.

If you need help, contact Andrew and get the help you require.

Attorney Balbus is the ultimate professional. He is a recognized authority on bankruptcy. You can be completely confident that Attorney Balbus will prepare you for everything you will encounter during your bankruptcy process. He genuinely cares about his clients. I was a pro bono client and I believe he treated me in the exact same fashion as if I has been a wealthy client. So to put it quite simply, if you want the best bankruptcy attorney, someone you can trust to have your back, I would wholeheartedly recommend Attorney Andrew Balbus. Believe me, he is the best.