Filing for bankruptcy protection in Chapter 13 can stop a foreclosure and provide time for you to develop a strategy to keep your home. If you propose a repayment plan in Chapter 13 that demonstrates that you will have enough future income to make up the missed mortgage payments over the life of the plan (usually five years), while staying current on your regular monthly payments, you generally will be able to keep your house.

If you are unable to afford the missed mortgage payments and cannot negotiate a short sale or give your lender the deed in lieu of foreclosure, you may still be in debt to your lender following foreclosure if the total mortgage debt exceeds the value of the property. The only way to eliminate this “deficiency” may be through bankruptcy.

Homeowners who find themselves unable to afford to keep homes that are worth less than their total mortgage debt may prefer to “surrender” their homes to their lenders before being foreclosed. Bankruptcy may facilitate this surrender and eliminate any “deficiency” still owed on the mortgage.

If you find yourself unable to make your mortgage payments, bankruptcy may be a solution. As with all aspects of debt relief, however, it is critical to work with an experienced lawyer who can help you analyze your financial situation and determine the appropriate action to take.

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