Bankruptcy! What a daunting process!

Overwhelmed and felt like I  was going to be unable to get through the entire process. Fearful I would inadvertently miss something the courts required I contacted Andrew and had my first informal meeting with him.  He took his time explained the process and assured me he would help guide me through the process as expeditiously as possible.

Once I hired him, I was given a “straight forward and extensive” survey to fill out which helped me to organize my data and consolidate all the information necessary to satisfy the court.  Due to Attorney Balbus’ attention to detail and thoroughness this was a huge relief and took a lot of pressure off me allowing me to concentrate on my health and regaining some semblance of normalcy.  I would not hesitate to recommend Andrew to anyone going through Bankruptcy.  Given all the years of experience Andrew has with this, he can give excellent help, regardless of how unique your personal issue happens to be!!!