I put off filing bankruptcy for one reason only: pride.  For years prior, this woman was so proud that I had my own business and was making a decent living.  A series of tumultuous events threw my life into a tailspin.   First, my main supplier went out of business and then I had major surgery for cancer.  This isn’t the place for me to detail the struggles I went through prior to deciding on bankruptcy, but I do want to stress that I kept putting it off for that one reason: pride.

I shopped around a little for the right lawyer, talked with a few on the phone and did lots of research on-line by reading web pages and reviews.  The cost was one issue for me, but the biggest issue was finding someone I felt I could trust that would stay with me during the whole process (filing the proper papers with the court and attending any court proceedings with me).  Andy turned out to be that guy!

Immediately when I met Andy I knew he was going to get me through what I envisioned as a major ordeal.  Well, in truth, he made it quite simple.  He has a package that he prepared, a rather lengthy questionnaire, for clients to fill in the blanks at their own pace.  I don’t think he leaves anything out in terms a person’s personal financial situation.  Also, it’s not like he handed me the packet and said, “Go home and fill this out and don’t contact me again until you do”.  No.  Andy was available by email practically 24/7 and very prompt at responding to questions I came up with while filling out his questionnaire.  He was also detailed and patient making sure I understood his answers.

When the final phase came after filling the papers and it was time to appear in court, Andy was right there with me.  One of the things he did to help me prepare for that meeting was go through somewhat of a skit with me beforehand covering things the judge might ask so that I wouldn’t be surprised by any questions.  Again, Andy’s experience, expertise and preparedness made the court appearing quite easy for me.

So now that it’s all over and a good 6 months behind me, I am still kicking myself for not filing bankruptcy sooner.  Certainly if I knew that there was an Andrew Balbus out there who could make me feel so comfortable about it, I would have!  The relief I feel is absolutely amazing!  Not only has that happened, within weeks I started getting credit card offers (non-secured offers).   I also have received car financing offers specifically designed for people who have filed bankruptcy.

I’m so pleased with Andy’s service.  With his help, my life has changed so much for the better.  He’s worth every penny of his fee and trust me, he earns it!