Recently I came to a time in my life of financial struggle. I had to have knee replacement surgery, I could not work, my wife lost her job and everything seemed to go against us. I was barely making my mortgage and car payments, I had to use my credit cards to buy everything from paying my electric bill to buying food. I was sinking fast and I was told that the only thing to do was file for bankruptcy!

I was very nervous just hearing that word, bankruptcy, I researched how to go about this and realized the smartest thing to do was to hire an attorney. Even though I was stone cold broke, I knew this was the only way.

I found 4 different bankruptcy attorneys and after meeting and speaking with these 4 gentlemen, I was totally convinced that I needed Mr. Balbus to represent me because this man made me feel so at ease, he convinced me that I should not worry, he told me that everything was going to be alright. I had to have him, he wants to help, he is very sincere to my difficult situation.

Mr. Balbus always answered my emails right away, he always returned my phone calls, he was always there to reassure me and he still is. He gave me my “to do list”, my homework assignment, and he was always on hand to answer all of my questions and believe me, I had a lot.

When it was time to go to the hearing, he called to make sure that I was ready, he sent me directions on how to get there, he even suggested what I should wear along with directing me to the perfect place to park my car a couple of blocks from the building.

Mr. Balbus is a true master of his profession and a gentleman. I will always recommend the Balbus Law Firm with Mr. Balbus to anyone faced with bankruptcy.