My husband and I am were struggling and drowning in debt for over 19 years with major credit card bills, along with our everyday expenses in order to live and we could not get above water no matter how hard we tried.  We were only making the minimum amount due on each credit card every month because we did not have the funds to pay more than the minimum amount required each month.

We had maxed out all of our credit cards and lines of credit and were under so much stress.  We struggled and tried to juggle money every month to pay our credit card bills along with our regular house expenses.  Then one night my husband suggested, why don’t we file for bankruptcy and I was very hesitant..  I did not like the suggestion at first and thought it would be a very bad move for us.  I figured it would ruin our credit score and credit forever.  Then I finally said okay.

We didn’t know where to start, so I googled bankruptcy attorneys in the area that we lived in and I came across Mr. Andrew Balbus.  We met with him and told him our debt situation and he advised us to file for bankruptcy.  That was the best decision he suggested to me and my husband.  Mr. Balbus had tremendously helped my husband and I and we finally got out of our debt and saw the world in a much better place.  It was so nice not having to get monthly credit card bills in the mail anymore.  The big time stress of being in debt was dissolved and finally gone.  Mr. Balbus is an excellent attorney who is very, very thorough, helpful, and was always there for us when we needed him and he answered all of our questions and concerns always.  He knows his law practice extremely well.  Mr. Balbus told us that there is life after bankruptcy and that we would eventually be able to restore our credit scores.

I would highly recommend anyone who is in a similar situation to what my husband and I were in to file for bankruptcy and seek the services of Mr. Balbus.  Believe me, you will not be disappointed or cannot make a wrong decision in seeking his services.  We will always remain very grateful to Mr. Balbus and my husband and I have a fresh new start to make a better future for ourselves and try to save up money for the rest of our future.  Thank you again Mr. Balbus!