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I highly recommend Andrew Balbus.  He works efficiently and professionally. I especially like that he answers questions very promptly.  Attorney Balbus is very thorough. You can feel confident that he will dot every I and cross every T.

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I am so grateful for your dedication and integrity.  You are truly one of the best!!  Your legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations.  If it wasn’t for your prepping me and being so clear and precise concerning all of the questions I had about the bankruptcy process, I would have been [...]

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Deciding to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy was not an easy decision to make. It’s a decision that comes with a lot of stress. Stressing about the unknown…. With that said, I am SO glad that I chose Atty. Balbus (Andy) to represent me. Throughout the entire process, he was absolutely amazing. Let me elaborate. The [...]

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When I initially considered bankruptcy I was very nervous and thought that claiming bankruptcy would destroy my credit forever. Mr. Balbus eased my fears, talked me through the entire process and explained how claiming bankruptcy would affect me. He was patient with me, answered all of my questions and was extremely friendly and professional throughout [...]

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Attorney Andrew Balbus made our Bankruptcy process seamless! After working with a few attorneys that were money hungry and unknowledgeable, we became discouraged and decided to be our own attorney…MISTAKE!!!! After filing numerous petitions on our own and going around in circles, we found Attorney Balbus.  He was literally a godsend…Attorney Balbus is very knowledgeable, [...]

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I put off filing bankruptcy for one reason only: pride.  For years prior, this woman was so proud that I had my own business and was making a decent living.  A series of tumultuous events threw my life into a tailspin.   First, my main supplier went out of business and then I had major surgery [...]

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Outstanding service and professionalism. My wife and I struggled for many years with financial and household issues. We couldn't get out from underneath our debt.  Our mortgage attorney referred us to Andrew Balbus. I have to admit that I was unsure that there was any help for us but after meeting Andrew, we both immediately [...]

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My husband and I am were struggling and drowning in debt for over 19 years with major credit card bills, along with our everyday expenses in order to live and we could not get above water no matter how hard we tried.  We were only making the minimum amount due on each credit card every [...]

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Before someone recommended I go see Andrew Balbus to help with bankruptcy I was a nervous wreak🥶      I felt like a failure      I was afraid to answer phone       I was afraid police were going to show up at my house                Many sleepless nights 🥶 Pleasant surprise Andrew will help you feel comfortable no judging. I [...]

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Testimonial 71

When I first met with Andrew Balbus, I was hesitant, uninformed and skeptical. Andrew's professionalism and ability to clearly explain the demands and expectations of the bankruptcy process were precise. Andrew made my experience easy and painless. I have the utmost respect for Andrew Balbus and highly recommend his service to anyone contemplating entering the [...]

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